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5 Items You Want On Your Fishing Trip - Guest Editors

Recently someone asked me “What’s something you bring on a fishing trip that a first timer may not think of”. Great question and one where I think some guest perspectives would be warranted. So, without further ado here is a top 5 list of things you really want on a fishing trip

Item # 1 – A Good Insulated Travel Mug

Dave Gordon, Trip Vet

On these trips you spend a lot of time on the water, in all kinds of weather. An insulated mug is great to bring a coffee along for those chilly mornings or nights. Sometimes the extra jolt of caffeine is just what the Dr ordered after a late night at the fire. Personally, I love a wee splash of Baileys in mine. These types of insulated mugs will keep your coffee warm or your beer cold for hours. ( Andrew’s add I use this one Contigo Mug )

Dave with a nice pike on Ogoki Lake

Item # 2 – A Rain Suit or Jacket

Simon Martin, Trip Vet

My genius brother in law lent me a rain jacket for my first trip and it was a life saver. In the 4 days we were on the trip it rained non stop and sitting in the cabin just isn’t an option. Most likely you have spent a good chunk of time and money on your trip, a good rain suit will allow you to fish in all weather. It’s not a small purchase as a good suit can be expensive however you can find value as well. Personally, I think a full suit with a bibbed pant works best. (Andrew’s add – these get good reviews and should work Arctix Insulated Bibs)

Simon on the famed Albany River - note the Lindy Fish Glove another great item to pack

Item # 3 – Bluetooth Speaker

Colin Milne, Trip Vet

There is nothing better than a good playlist when sitting around the campfire. On most of our trips there is no cell or WIFI connection. A good Bluetooth speaker (paired with some downloaded tunes) is a trip must for me. Over the years we have even developed a few different variations of name that tune. Better yet losers can find themselves doing dishes or cleaning fish for shore lunch. (Andrew’s add - I bring this speaker and its been great VTIN Portable Speaker)

Colin and his magnificent beard with dinner!

Item # 4 – Anti Bacterial Cream (Polysporin)

Andrew Gordon, Trip Vet

If your trip is successful you will be catching and releasing a lot of fish. You are also probably going to be banging and nicking your hands and fingers along the way. On my very first fly in I got a good cut on my thumb and while we had a first aid kit, we didn’t have a lot of Polysporin packed. Near the end of our trip the thumb was infected and painful. Now I always pack a tube of polysporin in my personal gear. Once we are in for the night, dinner dishes are done I will give my hands a good wash and then apply the cream to any nicks, cuts scratches. Many trips later and I have never had to deal with an infection again.

Andrew in his Pro Qualifier Rain Suit from Bass Pro Shops

Item # 5 – Long Nose Pliers

Scott Whynot, Trip Vet

Andrew may have not caught as many nicks on that trip if he had a good set of long nose pliers. Both walleye and pike are toothy creatures and when hooked deep its easy to cut your hands if you aren’t using a good set of pliers. By good I would say 8 ½ inches long with a least 3 inches of steel between the tip of the pliers and the handle. Within our group we tend to keep small pike and walleye over the side of the boat and just use the pliers to shake the fish off. A very bad cut or a worse a hook that gets buried past the barb can ruin a trip. (Andrew’s add - I have a love this pair Rapala 8.5 Pliers)

Scott on a cold wet day

Hopefully the list was helpful and thanks to the guests. Later I plan on creating a few more lists including Meal Planning, Top 5 Walleye Lures, Top 5 Pike Lures, Top 5 Smallmouth Lures and a packing checklist for Fly In fishing trips. As always please sign up on the home page and if there is anything you would like me to cover shoot me a note or leave a comment.

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