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Book Review: Braving It

Winter is usually my peak reading season but this summer I managed to read a few books when I wasn’t outdoors or watching copious YouTube videos. YouTube Channels I Love

Braving It: A Father, a Daughter and an Unforgettable Journey in the Alaskan Wilderness by James Campbell Amazon Link is a trip journal of a few different adventures in Alaska – leading to the penultimate trip – a hike across the Alaska Brooks range (lugging a folding canoe) to eventually paddle the length of the Hulahula River.

I was presently surprised by the first half of the book. James Campbell’s cousin is Heimo Korth of Last Alaskans fame (great show in my opinion). He wrote Heimo’s book The Final Frontiersman with him. In the beginning of the book the author and his then 15-year-old daughter spend a summer helping Heimo build a new cabin in the Artic National Wildlife. Later, they visit again to help the Korth’s work their traplines and hunt Caribou. I really enjoyed this section – Campbell vividly describes both the beauty and the challenges of life in the Alaskan bush.

The final part of the book is a true trip journal. Campbell, his daughter and two other friends venture in the Alaskan wilds once again to hike and paddle some truly remote areas. If reading about back country travel is your thing you will enjoy this book. Their journey is difficult, thrilling and they encounter quite a few challenges along the way.

Overall, this book is a recommend for me. I really enjoyed it, had trouble putting it down and found myself both in awe and inspired by the author and his daughter’s perseverance.

As a father of two girls, I also really enjoyed the dynamic between father and daughter – wanting to push, protect and support while also being nervous as hell with grizzlies and danger around every corner! I would love for my kids to join me on my trips someday, but I am also aware that a) they must want to come and b) they need to figure it out on their own (with guidance of course.

So if you are looking for a winter read - check this one out


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