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Bucket List Revisited - Fishing Only Edition

Huge lake trout caught in Northwest Territories, Canada
Look at the size of that trout! Image courtesy of Plummers Artic Lodges

A while back I created a bucket list post but put a limit on myself to only have 1 fishing related trip Bucket List Part 1 Silly me. The winter is generally when I focus my time on researching potential destinations for my groups next fishing trip and in doing so, I have come across a few camps that are on my “bucket list”

These trips may be in consideration for my groups next big trip in 2022 or they may be something that would be a special trip – like my 50th birthday which isn’t that far off. Overall, they are just lakes, outfitters or area’s that have caught my eye.

Leuenberger’s Washi Lake Outpost

The Albany River is a legendary waterway in fishing circles or at least in the circles that I pay attention to. Stories of amazing walleye fishing, huge pike and in places mythical brook trout fishing “plague” the Albany. I was lucky enough to spend fish Miminiska Lake with Wilderness North Outfitters a few years back Miminiska Trip Report . Mim is really just a widening of the Albany and while we didn’t find brookies (you could take a float plane trip further up river for brookies) the walleye fishing was incredible and while I didn’t spend a ton of time fishing for pike there were a few 40 plus inch fish caught (not be me, I suck). The Washi Lake camp intrigues me. Most if not all of the trips report I have read about it rave about the fishing while also commenting that this was (I believe the camp has been updated in the last few years) a true Northwoods cabin. Basic, experienced but providing everything you need. When our group fished Ogoki Lake in 2018 Ogoki Trip Report we flew with Leuenbergers Air Service and had a great experience. This lake is high on my radar

Sunset on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Sunset on Miminiska Lake - a widening of the famed Albany River

Plummers Artic Lodge on Great Bear Lake

Having spent some of my winter reading various books on the Canadian Artic Beyond the Trees Book Review I now have many mental pictures of the topography, the flora and fauna and want to convert them to real life. Plummers has been on my radar since I stumbled into their booth at the Toronto Sportsman show in my 20’s. Andrew Bunker has also written many a great post on fishing for massive Lake Trout at Plummers Artic Circle Lodge. I just see myself indulging in good food, using a guide, and catching my first lake trout ever on Great Bear. This is not a cheap trip and most likely ends up on the “special event calendar” But hey – maybe turning 48 is reason enough!

Nestor Falls Outposts – Larus Lake

I have spent a bunch of time this winter watching Joe Robinet’s YouTube channel. I enjoy all his videos but his Stranded Series was amazing. Joe Robinet Stranded How is this related to Larus Lake? Well both the series and the cabin are located within the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, North of Red Lake Ontario. The park has been on my radar for a long time as a paddling and camping destination but a note from a Northern Jacks visitor and Joe’s videos got me interested in the fishing. A fine gentleman had reached out to me to let me know he enjoyed my site (thanks kind sir, glad to know someone does lol). In our email back and forth we talked trips, destinations, and outfitters this reader identified how much he has loved fishing Larus Lake and that its his favorite destination. A quick google search, some trip report reading and I was intrigued. This one will be on our list of potential 2022 destinations.

Beautiful fly in fishing cabin in Northern Ontario, Canada
One of the cabins at Larus Lake. Image courtesy of Nestor Falls Fly In Outposts

Well there you have it – a few destinations I am excited about. I could have listed so many more but I do plan on sharing our “Top X” list of potential destinations and reveal out final choice when we get there. I am also still looking at a potential trip for 2021, maybe not a full week trip but something. As COVID lockdowns and border closures continue I know that many outfitters will be looking for Canadian Guests this year – so if taking a fishing trip is on your radar 2021 could be a great time to go and support a local business. For info on outfitters I have used and where I do my research visit my links page or feel free to send me an email @



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