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Christmas Wish List for the Outdoors Enthusiast

As the Holidays approach I wanted to put together a Christmas list for the outdoor person in your life. Some of these are based on what I am looking for but mainly its for that person who plans on spending the winter or next summer paddling, hiking, camping or even taking a first ever fishing trip. With today being "Cyber Monday" I thought it was a good time to put this one up and maybe it inspires to buy for a loved one or just what you needed to pull the trigger on a treat for yourself!

Merino Wool Base Layers

Over the years I have become a wool convert. It is the perfect textile for the outdoors. Fast wicking and maintains its warming qualities even when wet. I hope to spend more time outside this winter. Due to Covid 19 I find myself feeling very cooped up and my time outside has become a welcome respite. Whether its ice fishing, hiking or maybe even snowshoeing I think this top Icebreaker Merino Top and bottom set Icebreaker Merino Bottom will do the trick. Note – Merino is not cheap but again I think its worth it. There is a reason that many outdoorsman live by the motto Cotton Kills.

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug

I have had many travel mugs over the years. It’s a trip must for me. I like my beverages as they should be; Cold or Hot. My wife recently received a Yeti Rambler at an event and when I borrowed it (highjacked it) for a day fishing I was so impressed. Coffee that went in early in the AM was still hot by lunch time. Ice that went into it at 3 PM on the dock was still chunky by 8 PM. These things are great and I really love them for camping and fishing trips Yeti Rambler

Kevin Callan’s A Paddlers Guide to Weekend Wilderness Adventures in Southern Ontario

I spend a lot of time reading about the outdoors, especially during the winter. I have read a few of Kevin Callan’s books and enjoyed them immensely. He does a great job mixing informative with entertaining and funny stories (something aspire to do in my blog posts) This book interests me a lot as I plan on trying to do more paddling in the future. A Guide to Weekend Wilderness Adventures

Ned Rigging

This summer I had a lot of success using the Ned Rig. Its a simple rig to fish and was killer on so many species at the cottage. I caught small mouth bass, walleye and pike. I have had good luck using the Z Man Finesse TRD in Green Pumpkin Finesse TRD on a 1/10 ounce head Z Man 1/10 Ounce Jig Head I love this technique as it is so simple, works all season long and all you need is a basic spinning set up.

Nice bass caught in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada
A nice smallie caught on the Ned Rig

Primus Classic Trail Stove

Since I plan on spending more time outside this winter, paddling in future summers and drinking warm (and cold) beverages I thought it would be a good idea to get a small portable stove. On fly in trips we have used these stoves for shore lunches as they are a great way to do sides or brew a cup of joe or tea. This Primus stove is just what I need, gets solid reviews and is relatively cheap – giddy up! Primus Classic Trail Stove

Shameless Plug

Perhaps you or a loved one would like a Northern Jacks Hat or a hand crafted crawler harness - if so please check out the store for a limited time everything is 20% off

Good looking hat, good looking model :)

Thanks for reading - hopefully you get what you are looking for this year as well!


PS - as always I am not affiliated with any of the brands highlighted in this post - but I am open to it:)

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Nov 30, 2020

Colin. Great point. Next time I will do a better job of looking local eh!


Colin Milne
Colin Milne
Nov 30, 2020

Don't forget Stanfield's wool base layers. They are from CANADA eh!

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