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Disconnecting Outside

A recent news article on the link between mental health and how much time we spend on our devices. caught my eye. The article isn’t the point of the post but here is a link if you are so inclined CBC News Article

I can admit it, I spend too much time on my phone. I am very bad with keeping myself present and tend to find myself looking for a distraction. Even as I write this blog I am peaking at my phone or have gotten up 3 different times for no apparent reason. Its gotten even worse since I quit smoking about 5 months ago. While I am sure there are lots of reasons for this, for the sake of relevance I'll focus on how it intersects with my love of the outdoors.

Most of the trips I have done over the last few years have involved disconnecting from my device. Sometimes the activity (kayaking, swimming) isn’t conducive to phone use. Other times there is no cell or wifi. Disconnecting has never been the purpose of any of my outings – its been about spending time with friends and family, challenging myself, experiencing new things and getting some me time. Digging a bit deeper though I do think one of the reasons I find these trips so refreshing is that I am forced to disconnect.

This may seem a bit out there for an outdoors blog but I thought it worth sharing. There are so many studies out there on how getting outside and spending time in nature is very healthy (google it). The notion of being mindful and staying present can really improve your over all well being.

Bottom line – if you ever needed an excuse or a reason to get out walk the dog, ride a bike, paddle a canoe or catch a fish at the very least saying its for my overall health should work!

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