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First Casts - Past, Present and Future

One of my most memorable outdoor experiences is an annual occurrence. There is a lot of build up to it, this year more than most. Sometimes when I am on a long conference call or walking the dog, I find myself thinking about it. I am talking about my first cast of the year.

The where and when varies year to year. Some years it takes place fishing for walleye on Balsam Lake with my brother and my Dad. Other years its catching panfish off the dock on Kahshe Lake with my daughter (and all the in laws).

I am not sure I can capture why it is so important to me in words. More often than that I don’t even catch anything. The smell of the lake, the kiss of the wind, the familiar weight of my favorite spinning combo are all key ingredients. To some degree I know there is comfort in familiarity and ritual. I also believe that for me spending time on the water, fishing rod in hand has become a form of meditation. Regardless I do know that rarely, if ever has the moment disappointed.

I have a bad memory for most things (just ask my wife) but I am pretty sure I could tell you where, when and who I was with for that first cast for the last 20 years at least. I can remember years fishing out of my Dads old Peterborough shivering in the cold rain but loving it. I remember one year in Haliburton there was still snow on the ground when I first slung a lure into the tea stained lake. I recall one year when I was about 5 and my first cast landed a me in the lake, still enjoyed it!

Molly with a first cast Rock Bass!

With the current state of affairs, I am not sure when I will get out but my gut tells me it may be the best year ever. More than likely I am thinking this year’s trip will be in my kayak My Fishing Kayak. Right now, most Conservation areas and parks are closed but I am thinking that we can launch at the cottage and catch some panfish, maybe a walleye or pike! I am pumped, first cast cannot come soon enough in 2020.

Stay safe, tight lines and hopefully your first cast is exactly what you hoped it would be.

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