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Fishing Styles

Ice fishing for Perch in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada
Yours truly getting his perch on!

This winter I spent more time than ever ice fishing. We managed 3 trips in the Haliburton area or a total of 8 perch! Not the best success ration but honestly it was great to be outside in a winter wonderland. My brother was the constant on all 3 trips and as we hung out, I realized that we have very different fishing styles. I am impatient, always looking to change spots or lures. My brother is a patient– he is okay to wait the fish out and will stay true to his lure of choice. Its also interesting that we generally catch a similar number of fish – some days he may catch more or vice versa. I then started to ponder fishing styles – so without further ado here is a breakdown of the ones I have experienced.

The Soaker

This guy has never met he a fish he can’t outlast. He likes to find a spot and work it for hours on end (with or without success). He sticks to a few types of lures – and they all involve bait of some sort. His working theory is that his spot is gold and at some point, the fish will have to wander by. In my experience what’s interesting about the Soaker is that he may never catch the most fish but when he does, they tend to be monsters. He has one rod and reel combo (and it’s an Ugly Stick), and it is always spooled with 30 LB Berkley Big Game, regardless of his quarry

Fly in fishing for walleye in Northern Ontario, Canada
A walleye caught after my 8th lure change

The Grass is Always Greener

This fisherman never really likes anything about his current set up. Lure, Rod, Spot, or bait choice is always inferior to the next thing. If he does not have action within 5 minutes or arriving at a location, he is planning for his next move. He may switch lures, he might ask you to change seats, heck he is probably already looking at his GPS for the next area to hit. The Grass is another guy who seems to do better for quality – move around that much and at some point, you are bound to luck into a PB. He has 26 rods, 4 tackle boxes and they are all in the 14-foot aluminum boat with you.

The Fish Whisperer

He speaks with the fishes. The Whisperer is infinitely familiar with his targeted species. He has read every book, has studied the maps, and has delved deep into every Gord Pyzer article out there. Prior to a cast he has assessed the water temp, re tied his lure, sharpened his hooks, and tasted the air. With a smooth cast he has a fish on before you have even got a line in the water. This guy does it all – size and quantity. He is using a JDM rod, 2 lb. fluorocarbon and most of his lures weigh 1/32 of an ounce

Walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Whitey may be our Fish Whisperer

Here for the Beer

Loud, obnoxious but also great for a story that involves North Bay, Fannys and the RCMP. Here for the Beer doesn’t really care what you are fishing for, truly he really doesn’t care if he catches a fish. If he has a cooler of pints, enough Backwoods to last a day and plenty of snacks, he is happy. Depending on his age he may have a portable Bluetooth speaker on which he plays a heady mix of classic rock and new country. The most infuriating part about Beer Guy is his ability to catch the biggest fish of every trip and then proceed to regale you with that story for every campfire you share with him for eternity. The Beer guy uses whatever rod, reel and lures you have given him.

Walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario., Canada
Colin - who I want to peg as a combo of fish whis[perer and Beer Guy depending on the day lol

I am sure we have all spent some time with these guys. Heck I am sure many of us are this guy or at least have been that guy for a certain trip (I am a Grass is always Greener but aspire to be a fish whisperer). In my opinion diversity is what makes the world go around. Sometimes two styles work together to make a great team – Beer Guy and Grass do well together – Beer Guy doesn’t mind moving spots constantly and Grass likes the fact that Beer never tells him what to do. Soaker and Whisperer can be a good combination as well. For the sake of morale, I would never pair the Grass and the Soaker – it will be fisticuffs before shore lunch.



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Rob Gillis
Rob Gillis
Feb 19, 2023

Great article Andrew and I can appreciate each one of those characters as I fish with a very similar lot.




Colin Milne
Colin Milne
Apr 08, 2022

Bahahaha! Oh yeah, here for the beer!

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