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Gear Review - Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Rain Suit

I can’t overstate the importance of a good rain suit. If you have spent good money to spend 8 or more hours a day in the elements you need to be prepared for the rain. I have noticed that Gear Reviews Gear I Like, Katadyn Review are well read on Northern Jacks so I decided to listen to the people and do another review, this one on my rain suit.

The author in full Pro Qualifier Mode

The Specs

My rain suit is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier suit. Note it comes in two pieces – the parka and the bibs. And while I hate to add a second note it does look like this product is on the way out based on the current web listing. Jacket Bibs I purchased my suit in 2015 at the Bass Pro in the Vaughan Mills shopping centre.

Outlined below are the specs for the parka directly from the BPS website:

· Double-layer GORE-TEX® Performance Shell

· 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable barrier

· Hip-length Parka

· Double storm-flap-covered front two-way zipper with rain gutter

· Roomy three-way adjustable hood

· Inner floating, watertight, comfort-fit cuffs for absolute water holdout

· 2 fleece-lined chest pockets with waterproof zippers to keep contents dry

· 2 front bellows pockets with interior dividers and hook 'n' loop closures

· Hidden side chest pocket

· 2 inner security pockets for more storage options

· 2 external spring-loaded D-rings up front and one in back for your license

· Drawstring waist and bottom hem

And here are the specs for the Bibs:

· 100% waterproof, windproof, and breathable

· With the Parka or Jacket creates a single dry, comfortable system

· 2-layer GORE-TEX fabric construction

· Double storm-flap-covered front two-way zipper with rain gutter

· Full hip-length waterproof two-way leg zips

· Articulated knees with reinforcing patches

· Adjustable ankle cuffs with inner patches

· 2 large fleece-lined cargo pockets

· 2 fleece-lined chest pockets with waterproof zippers

· Storm-flap-covered rear zip pocket

The Review


Excellent! My suit has seen average use over the past 5 years (if I had to guess I would say 5 to 7 wears per summer). Other than ensuring it is fully dry prior to putting it away I have not had to complete any maintenance and it still looks brand new. Currently all zippers, clasps and pockets are functional


Excellent! When I bought this suit I knew that it would be used in a variety of temperatures. I don’t do a ton of fishing past September so I didn’t want something that was to heavy. The gentlemen I spoke with at Bass Pro steered me towards the Pro Qualifier based on this. His advice was to buy this suit 1 size bigger than I needed and then dress appropriately underneath based on the weather. I have worn mine with shorts and a t shirt on a hot day as well as jeans, a fleece and a hoodie on a cold one and maintained a good temperature zone.


Excellent! Between the jacket and the bibs I have more pockets than I use – even with the crap load of stuff I like on me when fishing. The zippers are easy to use and keep the rain out. My old bibs didn’t have a zipper on them which was just PITA. I also appreciate that both the bibs and the coat work well on their own. Many mornings where it isn’t raining but its in the forecast I will wear my bibs out and pack my jacket just in case


Good. I can’t remember the exact cost (and BPS site only shows US $) but I would estimate that my suit was close to $600 all in. Not cheap! For some this may fully discount the product which I understand but for me I am happy with the investment. Our fly in trips are expensive and the fact that this suit allows me to head out on a crappy AM with a level of confidence is worth the price.


Yes – I would totally recommend this suit and have on many occasions. Rain suit inquires seem to be a hot topic on many of the fishing forums I like to peruse Links and I always weigh in with a “buy” comment for the Pro Qualifier suit.

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