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How to Tie Your Own Worm Harnesses

Nice walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Me with a 26 inch walleye caught on one of my worm harnesses!

Winters can get long here in Ontario. I love all seasons equally except for winter - I find her to be a heartless wench lol. A few years back I was trying to think of things I could do to occupy my time in the winter Winter Blahs Post. I stumbled onto a thread on Ontario Fishing Community (see links page about someone looking for lure making components. As I read more I realized "Hey an idiot like me could tie a worm harness" As a guy who loves walleye fishing, fly in fishing trips and using worm harnesses to fish for walleye on fly in fishing trips it seemed like a no brainer!

Below is another vlog post. This one focuses on how to tie your own worm harnesses "Andrew style" It's very easy to get started and you do not require a lot of gear or tools.

Here is what you require: Hooks (generally Octopus Hooks in sizes 1, 2 or 3), Beads (I mainly use 5 or 6 MM beads), Clevises (size 1 or 2), blades, line (I prefer flourocarbon in 15 lb test), scissors and fly tying vice (I bought this one off Amazon a few years ago My Vice ).

There are so many different combinations you can make - Colorado Blades, Willow Blades, Indiana Blades, Single Hook, Double Hook, Slow Death, Floating and so on. My suggestion: Start by perfecting a single hook combo with a Colorado or Indiana Blade (my personal preference are #3 and #4 sizes). Once you are comfortable with that go double hook and then the sky is the limit.

With that - here is the video, please feel free to reach out with questions either in the comments section or email me directly at

Note: I am now also selling a few of my best creations on the site - check it out

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