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Lake Fever

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Algoma Country, Canada
A personal best caught on my first fly in trip

2022 is a big year for my group. We have our big fly in trip to Miniss Lake in August with SFO Miniss, a trip up to the cottage for bass opener and most likely a fall canoe trip to the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park Chiniguchi Waterway. As those trips approach, I can feel myself getting gripped by Lake Fever. For me these trips are an incredible combo of: Reconnecting with good friends, disconnecting in nature, engaging all of my senses and enjoying a trip down memory lane.

How can you not love nights like this

1. Big Fish

Fishing is just one part of the equation on my trips, but man do I have some fond memories of great fish I caught or watched someone catch. My PB walleye came on my first ever fly in to Pickle Lake w White River Air Pickle Lake with WRA 2 of my biggest pike have come from fishing off the dock at the cottage. I remember being in the boat when Colin boated a PB eye on Shekak Lake or seeing Whitey the jigging gnome reel in a monster on his ultra light gear. I swear about once a week when I am getting ready for bed or driving somewhere listening to music in my truck a memory of one of the big boys’ pops into my head and I am grinning from ear to ear. People must see me roll by and think – that dude is crazy!

Walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Algoma Country, Canada
Dave with a PB (at the time) from a small point on Pickle Lake

2. Nature Comes By

On Ogoki Lake the chore of dumping the gut bucket became a sought-after experience. As the week wore on, we had a nature show every time we put out the days fish. Bald Eagles, Crows, a Marten and a majestic Golden Eagle all made appearances. Ogoki Trip Report On the same trip we also had one of the fastest and most intense storms I have witnessed blow through. It went from sunny and chill to dark and stormy in minutes. A large poplar came down on the shower house, all 3 boats almost filled w rainwater and by the next morning the temperature dropped 15 degrees over night, I have also been lucky enough to see a bear, a wolf, a caribou and even had a pet groundhog at our cabin. For a Citiot like me its both an honour and a blessing to get to experience the great outdoors every year.

3. Homesteader Andrew

After each trip there is a certain sense of accomplishment that set’s in for me. The notion of “I did that” is powerful. Homesteading is a big exaggeration I know – but nevertheless catching lunch or dinner, cooking on an open fire, washing and drying clothes with nothing but water, sun, and wind or eating under a tarp just feels a bit more primitive than my everyday life. Regular things seem to be more enjoyable (I hate doing laundry at home) and food tastes better. It’s a big reason I want to continue doing trips for as long as I can.

Shorelunch on a fly in fishing trip in Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Whitey going old school with a fish fry on the fire

4. Camaraderie

Within my regular group most of us have known each other for over 30 years. There is lots of water under our boats so to speak. We have a healthy amount of banter, but I also know that there is a lot of love and respect as well. Talking Smack We have paddled lakes, flown in small airplanes, hosted midnight concerts on the dock in the middle of the Boreal Forest and even sunk a few boats. Sure, there is the odd spat, but we always end up back at the next planning session ready to head out again. It’s a special bond – one that I cherish and do my best to respect.

The lads on Penn Lake in Algonquin Park

Those are just a few reasons Lake Fever has kicked into high gear for me – if the song reference isn’t ringing a bell its one of my favorite songs by a Canadian institution called the Tragically Hip Gift it a listen – maybe it will become a trip anthem for you as it is for me.

I also want to do a shamless plug for the new Northen Jacks merchandise Shop Now Its one way to try to support the site without turning it into a eyesore of adds.



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