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Product Review: Agawa Canyon Boreal21

Product Review of the Agawa Canyon Boreal21
Agawa Canyon Boreal21 Folding Bucksaw. Image courtesy of Boreal Adventures

When I head out on a fishing, camping or paddling trip on of my favorite things is a campfire. There is something special about a campfire – I even love the prep. On a paddling trip, especially one with some decent portages having a lightweight and effective way to harvest wood is key. Enter the Agawa Canyon Boreal21. A lightweight, compact folding buck saw that has been incredibly popular – at least amongst the paddling and adventure crowd. Watch any youtuber 5 Youtube Channels for Winter and there is a high likelihood they will use a Agawa Canyon Saw at some point.

Product review of the Agawa Canyon Boreal21
Yours truly bucking up a dead tree in Alongonquin Park

The Specs

The Boreal 21 is a 21 inch Bucksaw that packs away small and light. Great for taking down small to medium trees and then converting those into burnable lengths. Here are the full specs from their website:

Agawa Canyon’s Boreal 21 folding take down bucksaw is made in Canada, and employs a simple lever system to quickly transforms a folded Boreal 21 into a tensioned 21-inch bucksaw with an all-purpose blade. The Boreal 21 will make short work of wood up to 15cm (6”) in diameter. When not in use, the connected blade system stores safely inside the 6063 anodized aluminum frame, which is light, sturdy and won’t rust. The coloured (yellow or green) fibreglass reinforced nylon handle provides a solid grip, and all hardware is stainless steel. With a lifetime warranty on everything except the blade, it’s a wood-processing system that's built to last.

Features of the Boreal Canyon 21" Boreal Folding Take Down Bucksaw

  • Folded length and depth: 54.6cm x 5cm | 21.5” x 2”

  • Assembled length: 53.3cm | 21”

  • Assembled depth: 23cm (9” ) along the handle; 14cm (5.5”) at the nose

  • Weight: 530g | 18oz

  • Optional Leather or Cordura sheath

  • Optional Aggressive or Hunter blades

  • Lifetime guarantee (blades excluded)

  • Blade made in Sweden

  • Saw made in Canada

Product review of the Agawa Canyon Boreal21
Getting ready to cook on the fire = a great way to cut down on stove fuel

The Review


Excellent: To date this saw has been dropped into a lake, knocked around in a float plan and it still works as advertised. The lifetime guarantee is also a very nice feature.


Excellent: This saw really gets the job done. I have used it to section wood up to 10 inches in diameter without issue. Its not magical, re you still need to put in the work but if you let the blade do its job, have a good steady base it does the trick. My first time using the saw I was trying to "power" the job and found the blade kept biting, however when I eased up and let the blade dig in, the saw really went to work. Personally I find it much easier and safer than trying to use an axe or a hatchet.


Great – You can pick up the Boreal21 for $85. We got ours from Canadian Outdoor Equipment in Mississauga – an excellent retailer if you are looking for camping gear


Yes - I would recommend the saw – as mentioned its light, folds up fairly small and get’s the job done, enough said.



PS - as always, I am not affiliated or motivated in any way with any of the brands reviewed (Open to it though lol)

Product review of the Agawa Canyon Boreal21
Ahh - nothing sweeter than a fire on a lake IMO

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