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Product Review: Eureka 75L Canoe Pack

Canoe pack for fly in fishing trips in Northern Ontario, Canada
The Eureka 75L Canoe Pack - a product I really like. Image courtesy of

Packing for a fishing or camping trip can be a daunting task. Throw in a float plane ride or a paddle to your destination and it can be overwhelming. After a few trips using duffel bags or a traditional suitcase I was in the market for something new. One year I was browsing my favorite outdoors store and found a sweet bag in the clearance rack. Enter the Eureka Canoe Pack Eureka 75 L Canoe Pack Full disclosure – my pack is an older version of this model and is actually 77 L but everything else down to strap set up is the same. For the past few weeks I have been getting my kit ready for our upcoming Algonquin trip and I thought - this is a good product to review - so voila:

The Specs

As it states in the name this pack has a 75 Litre capacity and is in its essence a very large dry bag with a backpack style carrying system. Note there are two variations of the pack – the SS75 version has a waist belt – my version does not. Here are the full specs from Eureka’s website:

A medium and large capacity canoe pack that can also be used for rooftop luggage, and river rafting.

· Contoured and comfort padded shoulder straps complete with a sternum strap.

· Two strategically positioned rubber hoist handles are great for lifting the pack from boats, trunks, rafts.

· D-ring lashing points for attaching extra gear.

· Water tight roll top closure

The Review


Excellent: I have used the pack on multiple fly in trips, have taken it on backcountry camping trips and have even used it for extended weekends at the cottage. Its over 10 years old and it still looks like new, has no rips or tears and is still watertight.


Excellent – for me this is a perfect size for a 7-day fishing trip or a 3 night canoe trip for my personal gear. Let me define what I typically carry in the pack – sleeping bag, pillow, camp chair (not yet used Helinox One chair that I got for my birthday ), clothes, shaving kit, personal medications, water bottle, mug, plate, bowl, spork, flip flops, microfibre towel (review coming soon – love my towel) fire starting equipment, cigars, cigar cutter, phone, phone charger, power pack and so forth. Basically, all of my personal items but not cooking or fishing gear or food. Even full it is still manageable and easy to put on your shoulders and hike a short (lets say under 300 metres) portage.

Price: Good – Today the bag is $134 which is fair for the quality. I paid a paltry $75 for mine years ago when the item was on clearance but even at the new price, I still think its good value.


Yes - I would recommend the bag. I have been impressed with its functionality and durability. I like the fact that it is watertight and on my fishing trips I have also used it to pack my rain suit in the boat on days where it looks like we may get wet. The only thing I would consider is buying the larger 115 L pack – since the bag is durable and functional I would love to have more space and ease in some other items 115 L Eureka Canoe Pack. That way I could cram more gear in and probably drop one bag from my packing list which would be great.

Huge walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Having my rain suit in the Eureka came in really handy this day - it poured on us about 5 minutes after this picture was taken



PS - as always, I am not affiliated or motivated in any way with any of the brands reviewed (Open to it though lol)

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