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Root Bay 2020 - Video Journal

I am still working through the formal trip report - darn day job is pretty busy after a week in paradise! In the meantime I did put this "daily journal" video together. Every (okay almost every) morning I shot a 3 - 5 minute video talking about the experience at Root Bay - fishing, camp set up and any unique happenings. Full warning, this video is mainly me talking but I have interwoven some pictures to break up the shots of my ugly mug!

Hopefully it give's you a sense of a week on a remote fly in or if you've been there, done that it gives you and overview of Slate Falls Outposts and specifically their camp in Root Bay on Lake St Joseph (IMO opinion it was incredible)

You can also check out the video I made of our flight into camp here: Flight to Root Bay

For more about SFO you can read my interview with Ryan Runge here SFO Interview or you can visit their website @



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