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Tackle and Boat Gear for My Fly In Trip

Trying something new this week - a video blog! Realizing I have probably over shared about how pumped we are about our upcoming trip with Slate Falls Outposts Slate Falls Post I will try not to overdo it. We have less than a 25 days to go but my kit has been packed for weeks if not months - if only I had been this keen in school.

The video breaks down all of the fishing and boat gear I am taking and provides some details on the why. It contains my top 5 lures for walleye Top 5 along with a bunch of other useful info (hopefully)

I hope to do more videos as I build out the site and I hope you find it helpful. I know I scoured YouTube and fishing forums looking for something like this as we prepared for our first trip. Many thanks to my son on law Spencer for filming and editing this post!

Thanks for checking this out!

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