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The Thrill of New Experiences

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

To date I really haven’t had a trip that was a disappointment. Some trips may have been better than others, but they have all been great. But so far, our group has never returned to the same lake twice. We have visited similar area’s and even used the same outfitter for trips but to date we have kept exploring. Why? Glad you asked

Sunset on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Views like this never get old!

Researching the Next Trip

This may be specific to myself but as I have covered in various posts, I really enjoy trying to find the next great trip. Whether its visiting various fishing forums Links Page or speaking with other fisherman or just googling and seeing what pops up I find it an enjoyable pursuit. I always find a new outfitter or canoe route, or someone tips me to what they believe is a hidden gem. I will say getting to chat with other fisherman or campers is a true treat – hearing information straight from someone who has made the trek is priceless and something I think everyone should try to do ahead of forking over the $$$ for their trip. Canoe trips are new to me and so I have found myself getting deep into route maps, trip reports and even techniques – again personally I love it.

Nice walleye caught on Miminiska Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada
Miminiska Lake was a completely new and exciting trip for me!

Solving the Puzzle

When it comes to fishing, identifying spots, choosing lures and (hopefully) having success is of the aspects I enjoy the most. It is a blend of experience, research, map study and gut instinct and when it works – man its good. While I think there are lakes that one will never truly solve or ones that are so large like our Root Bay Trip Root Bay Report where you just can’t cover the whole lake in 1 or 10 trips I personally love the challenge of a brand new body of water. New scenery, potential new spots or tactics and seeing a different part of the world just seem to charge my batteries. We have committed to our 2022 destination, and I am already spending a good chunk of time looking at google earth, emailing contacts and scouring forums.

Fishing trip on Lady Evelyn Lake, Northern Ontario, Canada
Fishing at the bottom of Franks Falls was worth the long boat ride

Gearing Up

I am a sucker for buying new gear! It is part research, part love of an outdoors store and during the winter months it gets me out of the house. Not only will we be visiting Miniss Lake this year we also have more canoe trips planned – including a Spring trip for trout. As someone who has rarely fished for trout and has almost no success, I have really enjoyed trying to put together a tackle kit. I have spent a lot of time reading articles and watching videos. Mike Borger ha a great one on his brook trout kit here Mikes Tackle Video and Lost Lakes also has some great tips and tricks Lost Lakes Channel . For Miniss I have bought a few new items and will certainly buy more, and I will also be trying a new rod for fishing pike – all fun stuff!

Clydegale Lake Loop - Algonquin Park
Sunrise on Algonquin - not to shabby!

Change of Scenery

Every trip we have taken has opened my eyes to a new part of Canada. From fishing the Whalesback Channel on Lake Huron Brennan Harbour Trip Report to our first fly in trip on a small lake north of White River Pickle Lake Report each trip has offered its own special surroundings. I remember seeing a wolf walk the shore on Mim and a bear crossing the river right in front of us at Root Bay and the eagles (Bald and Golden) chasing away seagulls from our fish remains on Ogoki - all net new experiences for this city kid! Some may say a shield lake is a shield lake but I don't buy it, for me every new place holds a new secret.

I am sure at some point we may end up finding that "lake" which seems to be a common theme in the reports I read but for now I think we will keep on exploring, trying new places, figuring out more puzzles and getting to buy more gear (I may have a problem, let's keep it amongst us)



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