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Things I Like and Recommend (while social distancing)

Like many I have spent a lot more time out and about this Spring. I have hiked our local conservation area (when it was legal – I am a solid citizen!), biked our neighbourhood and taken a brisk stroll with the dog most evenings. Along the way I have come to realize there are a few items that I use almost every single time (I do wash them – I am a solid citizen!). With that in mind I thought I would share the items and why I recommend them so easily when asked. Note: I am not affiliated with any of the brands below or any brands for that matter. Depending on reactions to this post gear recommendations may be something I add from time to time.

Under Armour Storm Hoodie like I have. Image Courtesy of

Keen Gypsum II Hiking Boots

I remember one of our Algonquin Park trips – I had a pair of shoes that week supposed to be a water proof, they sucked and by the end of the trip my feet were a mess, lesson learned. I bought these Keen boots prior to our 2018 Ogoki Trip (Ogoki Trip Report) They seemed to get a solid review and they were on sale at Atmosphere – excellent. I wanted a comfortable pair of waterproof boots. Something that would work for fishing trips, our camping weekends and our hikes in and around the GTA. To date I am happy with the boots. They are comfortable, provide good grip and provide dry ride in the boat or on the trail. It’s an older line but it looks like you may be able to get a pair via Keen website Gypsum II

Lorpen Medium Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Staying on the keep your feet comfortable I am a huge believer in a good pair of merino wool socks. This pair from Lorpen have been very good. They keep my feet warm and dry, wick moisture well and since they are wool they still insulate even when wet. I picked these up at Sail and they seem to go on sale (some unintended word play – Sale at Sail). They hold up over time, I have had two pairs for over 5 years and they still work as advertised. Lorpen Socks at Sail

Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket

I will admit that most Patagonia gear was traditionally not in my price range. I got this jacket as a gift from work (it does have a corporate logo on it) so it was the best price ever – free. This jacket is awesome. I tend to wear it under a jacket or over a hoodie depending on the temperature. It also holds up with regular washing, doesn’t pill or shrink. Its also super comfortable, not itchy at all with a soft feel. After using this product Patagonia in general has moved into my consideration set. While expensive I have had this jacket for 2 years and it still looks and acts new. Better Sweater at MEC

Under Armour Storm Calibre Hoodie

Sometimes its good to be trend setter. On our first fly in trip we got absolutely soaked in a sudden rainstorm. First Fly In While I had rain bibs on I wasn’t wearing my jacket and I from the time this wall of rain hit us to the time it took my to put on my jacket it looked like I had jumped in the lake. I was soaked. Lucky for me I had on a polyester blend hoodie unlike the other members of the group. Back at the cabin my hoodie dried in an hour, but the others cotton hoodies never really got dry again! After that trip and with a few Cabela’s gift card hand I bought myself the Under-Armour Storm hoodie. I love it and it has become a staple for me every time I head out. The idea behind the “storm” line is that the hoodies repels water. Its not waterproof but I find it does shed water well and keeps me dry in a light rain or when I need to quickly run out to grab some firewood on a miserable day at the cottage. I have had this hoodie for over 5 years and it still wears (and smells) like new. They are hard to find now especially in the grey/camo H version I have but they are available. Storm Hoodie at Sport Check

So, a few products I have been using a lot lately during this crazy time. I routinely recommend them to friends and family so I thought I would share with the world (you know the 10 non friends or family that read this blog)

PS – I am NOT affiliated with any of the brands or products in this post but I am SO open to it…

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