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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Outpost Enthusiast – Black Friday Edition

As I become overwhelmed with Black Friday messaging, I thought this would be a timely post. Bass Pro Shops, MEC, Sail, Cabelas and most likely your local tackle shop are in clearance mode so here are a few items for the fishing trip enthusiast in your life

Drip System Water Filter

Weight management on a backcountry trip is a sweet science. Lugging in cases of water is just not practical (when it could be beer or chocolate. We have used one of these water filters on 3 trips and they are phenomenal. Fill up the bag, hang on a tree branch and let it do the work while you are on the lake, sitting around the campfire or sleeping. The Katadyn Gravity Basecamp is a good choice and it’s currently 20% off at Sail for Black Friday Katadyn 6 Litre

My first outpost cabin

Handheld GPS

If you plan on taking on a big lake or diverse trail on your next outing a handheld GPS is very handy. I have an older version Garmin GPS and its great. The Garmin GPSMAP 64st Canada is much better and right now its $210 off the list price at Bass Pro during their Black Friday weekend sale (Flyer Here – simply select your store) Bass Pro Vaughan Mills

Merino Wool Socks

The weather in Northern Ontario can shift on a dime. On one trip I went from wearing shorts to fishing in the snow. On another not only did the temperatures drop but we were hit so hard by a rain squall you would have thought I jumped in a lake. This is where a good pair of wool socks (also a Beanie) can be a life saver. As they say warm feet, warm heart (Just kidding no one says that but it worked!) Smartwool socks are 25% off right now at MEC

Every pound counts on a float plane

Storm Hot N Tot

My favorite trolling lure for walleye (also catches bass and pike). This bait shines on our trips and has put a few lunkers in the boat. I personally like Black/Gold but my brother in law Simon swears by Blue/Silver. You can grab it for 20% at sale during their Black Friday event.

1 Litre Nalgene Bottle

When I wake up a little fuzzy from last nights fire, I need a lot of water out in the boat. These bottles are BPA free and very tough. I personally like the wide mouth as its easier to fill from a water jug or filter .Another item on at Sail for 20% off Nalgene Widemouth

When its this cold in August you want wool socks

Happy Shopping


PS - I am NOT sponsored or affiliated with any of these brands or retailers but I am so open to it!

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