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Top 5 List – Boxing Day Sales Edition

Over the years I have amassed a large assortment of outdoor equipment. Camping gear, fishing tackle, I even have two kayaks now stacked together in the garage. I am always looking for the next great thing. Ideally on sale, yes, I am that frugal. So here are the top 5 items I am hoping to get during the post Christmas Boxing Day Sales.

Rapala Jigging Rap

On our last trip I had some success using these lures for walleye. We tried vertical jigging with them and “strolling” them. I began the trip with 3 or 4 and came home with none! The walleye were stacked up on rocky points and shoals which absolutely ate these baits! Personally, I want to try the W5 size in Pink Tiger and Gold. On sale 20% off at Cabela’s as of Dec 26. Rapala Jigging Rap

Garmin Striker 4 Portable Fish Finder and GPS

At the end of the summer I purchased a fishing kayak (see my post here Buying a Fishing Kayak). Currently I have a very old portable fish finder that I rigged up. It works but the way I must use it (should do a post or video on that) it causes considerable drag and splash when paddling from spot to spot. This Garmin gets good reviews and its $40 off as of December 26th at Bass Pro (note you need to check the flyer for prices in Canada as links go to the US site) Garmin Striker 4 Portable

MEC Long Sleeve T3 Merino Wool Base layer

Read any article on outdoor clothing and it will be pointed out that its imperative to a) layer up and b) wear wool or polypropylene. I have a good Under Armour Base layer but for longer trips I really want a second. I have also become a big fan of merino wool. Very warm, not itchy and wicks very well. This one is 40% off at Mountain Equipment Coop in their pre Boxing Day sales MEC Merino Baselayer

Z Man Finesse TRDs

Over the last 2 summer the Ned Rig has become a go to presentation for bass. I have had a lot of success fishing off the dock at the cottage and its also been a great lure yak fishing. I am still playing around with the best presentation, but I am amazed how many fish hit in on the fall during my initial cast. So far, I have had the most success with Green Pumpkin on a white 1/10 jig head and Blue Craw on a black 1/8 jig head. 20% off at Sail right now Finesse TRD

5 Litre Dry Bag

Fishing trips, camping and kayaking all require some getting wet in my world. I love these 5 litre dry bags. I have a few already but its one of those items I can’t have enough of. They are a great spot for snacks, pliers, fish glove, fish scent when spending the day in the boat. On the kayak its where I put my phone and car keys. You can grab this one at MEC for 30% off (note I think only the yellow bags are on sale) MEC 5 L Brooks Dry Bag

I could go on, but my wife reads this blog (I think). Not listed are the Winnebago Revel Winnebago Revel I endlessly watch videos on or the Lund Outfitter 1750 I drool over every year at the fishing show Lund 1750 Outfitter.

As always if you have any questions please join the site and create a comment or shoot me an email. Happy Holidays from my family to yours


PS - I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post BUT I am so open to it!

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