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Top 5 YouTube Channels for the Winter

As we head into winter I find myself shifting from action to research modes. As I mentioned before Beating the Winter Blahs I spend a lot of time reading and researching outdoor topics. A good chunk of my time is spent on forums and websites I love (check my links page Links) but I also spend some time on YouTube. Like many the pandemic is keeping me closer to home than ever before so I think I will be spending even more time thinking about upcoming trips. So without further ado here are 5 of the channels I really enjoy.

1) Tom Boley YouTube Channel

I first became aware of Tom’s channel from one of the members of my trip group. We wanted to improve our jig skills on our trip with Slate Falls Outposts Root Bay 2020, someone found this video How to Jig Like a Pro and shared it with the group. It was super helpful, informative and entertaining. I have now subscribed to his channel and spend a lot of time checking in before an outing. What I love about Tom’s videos is they are very specific – Fall Walleye, Summer Patterns and so forth. As a guide in Hayward, Wisconsin Tom chases a lot of the same species I love to fish for. When Boleying (imparting an aggressive jigging motion) became an adjective within our group it was apparent how much we all enjoyed and benefited from his channel

Nice walleye caught on a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Canada
Dave with a beauty caught "Boleying"

2) Canada Fishing Guide YouTube Channel

If you love fly in fishing trips and have spent time researching them on the web chances are you have come across Mike Borger’s work. You may know him as Solo Paddler or just plain Mike but if you have read any of his trip reports you know what a great resource Mike provides. I came across Mike many moons ago searching for information about Brennan Harbour Lodge for a trip Brennan Harbour 2012 and I have been a fan of his work and a beneficiary of his knowledge ever since. Mike runs his own website and manages his channel. If you are researching a trip check them out. I am a big fan of his cabin walkthroughs. IMO outfitter websites are sorely lacking in providing information about the camp itself but for our group it’s a big decider. For every lodge and outfitter he visits Mike does a video walk through of the camp and facilities which is just awesome.

3) My Self Reliance YouTube Channel

My first non-fishing related entry. Shawn James runs this channel and its primarily focused on his time spent in an off-grid cabin in Ontario that he built on his own. For whatever reason I have always been fascinated by stories of living in the bush. I love reading books about this topic Book Review Guy Grieve and one night looking for something new to read I ended up watching one of Shawn’s videos Building a Log Cabin in the Wilderness and I was hooked. If like me there is something appealing about living in the wilderness like trapper or pioneer then I think you will love Shawn’s channel

4) Alec on Adventures YouTube Channel

A more personal favorite for myself and my group. When we did our first ever back country paddling trip we were fortunate enough to get Alec as a guide The Citiots in Algonquin. Alec was a great guide and educator. I’d like to believe that by the end of our trip we had made a new friend. Alec’s channel focuses on his adventures on the outdoors – camping in Algonquin, paddling in the mountain and hiking in Mallorca to name a few. I really enjoy his style and appreciate that he is a young (well younger than me) man taking the time to share his adventures in the great outdoors – please check him out and subscribe!

Nice small mouth bass caught on a fishing trip in Algonquin Park, Canada
Yours truly with an Algonquin smallie caught with Alec at the helm

5) Joe Robinet YouTube Channel

My final entry is a combo of a few things I love to watch: bushcraft, fishing and Northern Ontario! Joe is a former contestant on the show Alone and someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. I first stumbled onto Joe one night when YouTube popped this episode into my feed 10 Items, 10 Days in the Wilderness. Its a 7 part series where Joe spends his time with only 10 items North of Red Lake, Ontario paddling, fishing and exploring. I found myself hooked after watching the first 15 minutes! For those of you like me who spend a lot of time researching fishing or camping trips many of the destinations Joe visits will be familiar: Woodland Caribou Park, Temagami and Red Lake. I also love his genuine enthusiasm for what he does - especially when he fishes! Whoa buddy, I love his channel.

That’s my list. Hopefully I have given you some fuel for the Winter! If there is a channel that isn't on my list that you think I (or Northern Jack's visitors) would love please feel free to drop in and leave a comment or shoot me an email @ If I get enough I am happy to do a new post or make updates to this one!

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and yours - probably 1 more post coming before Christmas and then I will be taking a break until the New Year.


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