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Which Type of Fishing Trip is Right for You - Trip Planning Part 2

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Each time I write one of these posts I am hoping to provide some information or insight and ideally be entertaining (seriously, I try!). This post is long on opinions but there really isn't a right trip. Everyone has there own likes and so where I say con you may say plus - great! The hope is that the each point is a consideration for you to ponder while you plan your own perfect fishing trip.

I have been lucky enough to be on quite a few fishing trips. We have rented cottages, tented in provincial parks, driven to a lodge, flown into a cabin and even boated into a camp or two. Each trip has been amazing in its own way but some have turned out better than others.

Bass! Algonquin Park Canoe Trip

To help focus your search I would recommend nailing down a few requirements first: How far are you willing to travel, budget, comfort level required, solitude vs community and target fish species. Generally speaking certain trip types will fit certain requirements better

Without further preamble here is my breakdown of the pros and cons for each trip type:

Tent Camping

Pros: Low cost, lots of choice, solitude (if back country camping), most target fish available, lower travel threshold

Cons: Comfort level, unclear regulations, provincial parks can be quite busy, level of work/gear required quite high, less travel = increased fishing pressure

BASS! Algonquin Park Canoe Trip

Private Cottage Rental

Pros: lowish cost, lots of choice, most target fish available, lower travel threshold, high level of comfort

Cons: Most cottage rentals only available for a week in peak summer period, less travel = increased fishing pressure, work level and gear required, most private rentals on busy lakes

Drive in Fishing Lodge - Housekeeping

Pros: Lowish cost, Lots of choice, most target fish available, lower travel threshold, high level of comfort, less work/gear required

Cons: Under someone else's rules, less travel = increased fishing pressure, still cooking and cleaning, community aspect (your not alone)

Scenery! Boat in Housekeeping Lodge

Drive in Lodge - American Plan/Full Service

Pros: Less work/gear required, lots of choice, most target fish available, high level of comfort, someone else cooking and cleaning

Cons: On a schedule, community aspect, less travel = increased fishing pressure, higher cost, more rules

Double Header! Drive to American Plan Lodge

Boat or Train in Lodge/Cabin

Pros: Full service available, increased solitude, less fishing pressure, most target species available, high level of comfort available

Cons: Increasing costs, more travel,more rules

Walleye! Boat in Full Service Lodge

Fly in Outpost Cabin

Pros: Limited fishing pressure, solitude, less rules, your schedule,

Cons: Increasing costs, more travel, more work, comfort varies, fish species available

Cabin! Fly in Outpost

Fly In Lodge

Pros: Full service available, less fishing pressure, high level of comfort, increased solitude,

Cons: Highest cost, more travel, more rules, still part of a community, fish species available

Walleye! Fly in Full Service Lodge

I realize the above doesn't cover all situations and that some of my cons may be your pros. Hopefully though it gives you a sense of where to start looking. My group actually started at the beginning of this list renting or borrowing cottages for the weekend and have now run the gamut (except for train in - that's on the to do list).

For my own preference I would break it down like this:

For a full week I prefer the fly in outpost experience - I love the feeling of solitude and generally its where we have found the best fishing and its fits within my budget requirements

For a shorter trip I prefer a drive to or boat in full service lodge - still pretty good fishing compared to the cottage and since its a short trip I am willing to trade off solitude for having someone else worry about cooking and cleaning.

Honestly you can't go wrong with any type of trip - spending time in the outdoors, with family and friend is a respite from a hectic life.

One thing to keep in mind - the more remote and do it yourself you go, the more complex the planning will be. On some of our more adventurous trips things like beer, cigars and chocolate have been scarce by our last few days

If you have a trip in mind, just go for it. If you want some help by all means sign up to this blog and shoot me an email and if I can help I will.

The next post in this series will cover how our group goes about researching and eventually picking our final destination.

Plane ride! Fly in Outpost

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