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Useful Links

Forums and Communities

Mike Borger's Canadian Fishing Guide

Mikes site has it all if you are interested in a Canadian Fishing trip.  Articles, Forums and Links.

Mike Borgers Canadian Fishing Guide

OFN Community

A great forum with lots of fishing and camping content

OFN Community

Walleye Central Canada Eh

A great site overall but this forum is specifically about Canadian Fishing

Walleye Central Canada Forum

Ontario Fishing Network

A site that lists many of the outfitters in Ontario plus contains some great articles

Ontario Fishing Network

Adam Dempsey's Fishing Outposts

Adams site is a directory of many of the outposts in Ontario.  He also has some great articles and a very large map database

Fishing Outposts

Andrew Bunkers Outdoor Angle

Bunk does some incredible trips and is a excellent writer.  His reports are must read IMO

Bunks Outdoor Angle

Ontario Out of Doors Forum

A good site for Ontario Fishing info specifically for Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka areas

OOD Forum