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Forums and Communities

Mike Borger's Canadian Fishing Guide

Mikes site has it all if you are interested in a Canadian Fishing trip.  Articles, Forums and Links.

Mike Borgers Canadian Fishing Guide

OFN Community

A great forum with lots of fishing and camping content

OFN Community

Walleye Central Canada Eh

A great site overall but this forum is specifically about Canadian Fishing

Walleye Central Canada Forum

Ontario Fishing Network

A site that lists many of the outfitters in Ontario plus contains some great articles

Ontario Fishing Network

Adam Dempsey's Fishing Outposts

Adams site is a directory of many of the outposts in Ontario.  He also has some great articles and a very large map database

Fishing Outposts

Andrew Bunkers Outdoor Angle

Bunk does some incredible trips and is a excellent writer.  His reports are must read IMO

Bunks Outdoor Angle

Ontario Out of Doors Forum

A good site for Ontario Fishing info specifically for Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka areas

OOD Forum

Lodges, Outfitters and Outposts

Island 10 Fishing Retreat

Out group had a great trip on Lady Evelyn with Island 10 in 2008.  Check the blog for the report

Ogoki Lake Outfitters

Our most recent trip (2018) was at John and Gloria's camp on Ogoki Lake

Ellen Island Camp

Our trip with Ellen Island was the one that really got my brother and I hooked.

White River Air

Our group had 2 great trips with White River Air at Pickle and Shekak Lake.  Reports are in the blog

Brennan Harbour Resort

Great fishing and incredible scenery on Lake Huron.  We really enjoyed our trip.

Wilderness North

I was lucky enough to spend 4 days at Miminiska Lodge operated by Wilderness North.

Slate Falls Outposts

Our 2020 trip will be with Slate Falls Outposts.  Full report when back but so far w have been very happy with the level of service Ryan provides.

Alec on Adventures

A great Youtube channel if you love canoeing, camping and trout fishing

Alec on Adventures

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